UltraSpan can supply all of the necessary equipment and resources needed for precast wall panel production and sandwich panel production. Wall panel plants rely on quality equipment in order to successfully meet their bottom line and produce precast wall panels that are up to and beyond industry standards. Helping wall panel plants reach this level of productivity is one of our goals at UltraSpan.

Wall Panel production can be accomplished through several manufacturing methods, depending on volume, wall panel complexity, wall panel configuration and other project specific parameters.

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Long Beds

Long Beds

Carousel Plant

Carousel Plant

Battery Mold

Battery Mold

Tilting Tables

Tilting Tables

UltraSpan works with your team during the design, implementation and project management phases to ensure your customer’s satisfaction with the final product. Our engineers have vast experience accumulated over 50 years of supporting precast producers worldwide. The project evaluation includes an analysis of the ideal method, whether is prestressed wall panel in long beds, carousel plant, tilting tables or battery molds. We have supplied the ideal solution for solid wall panels, sandwich wall panels, half slab and other customized precast wall panels.

Long beds are available in a wide variety of configurations for the production of prestressed elements such as solid and insulated prestressed wall panels and slabs. Self-stressing and permanent anchorages are available depending on whether a mobile or permanent solution is required. Like tilt tables, integrated vibration and heating systems are available to optimize the casting and curing processes, and highly polished casting surfaces promote an architectural quality finish. Long beds can be augmented with automated production machines such as cleaners, plotters, concrete spreaders and finishers to minimize labour, increase efficiency and quality.
Concrete Spreader - Concrete Distributors

Concrete spreader

The concrete spreader is employed to pour the fresh concrete into the shuttered and reinforced pallets.

Levelling Beam - Sandwich & Solid Walls Concrete Leveling

Levelling Beam

Essential for compacting and leveling the top layer of concrete for sandwich and solid walls.

Plotter - Pallet Surface Plotters


The plotter marks out the product contours generated from CAD data on the pallet surface full size using water-soluble paint.

Concrete Finishing Equipment - Smoothing/Smoother Machine

Finishing (Smoothing) Equipment

Gantry finishing system for both rough and fine finishing of consolidated concrete

Our Solutions

UltraSpan offers precast wall panel solutions by way of applications such as long beds, carousel plants, battery molds, and tilting tables. These applications entail a wide variety of wall panel production equipment including:
  • Concrete spreaders
  • Levelling beams
  • Plotters
  • Finishing (smoothing) equipment
  • Production pallets
  • Pallet cleaning devices
  • Release agent spraying devices
  • Shuttering and deshuttering robots
  • Compacting equipment
  • Turning equipment
  • Insulation material cutters
  • Pallet stackers
  • Central shifters
  • Tilting equipment
  • Demolding cranes
  • Run-off carriages
  • Side-shifters

The UltraSpan Difference

At UltraSpan we aim to deliver results by working as closely as possible with all of our customers. The strong bond that we form with our clients helps to ensure a productive partnership and a guaranteed return on investment. With a simplistic approach to our equipment designs, UltraSpan makes it easy for your wall panel plant or any other precast production plant to reach its bottom line.