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Precast equipment and machinery of the utmost quality is available from UltraSpan. Our products include floor and hollow core solutions, wall panels, forms and molds, and reinforcement elements.

Hollowcore Extruders – Produce High Quality Hollow Core Slab, Extruder for Concrete Mix Floor SolutionsHollow core slabs, Half slabs, Inverted T’s, Extruders, Saws and more.
Wall Panel Plotter, Wall Panel Plant, Tilting Table for Concrete Distributor Wall PanelSolid wall panels, Sandwich wall panels, Carousel plants, Prestressed lines, Tilting tables.
Precast Concrete Molds & Forms - Battery Mould, Staircase MoldForms & MoldsForms and molds for Columns, Beams, Bridge girders, Stair cases and more.
Precast Reinforcement Solutions - Mesh Welding Plants, Cutting and Bending Machine, Stirrup Benders, Straightening, Lattice Girder Welding MachinesReinforcementMesh welding plants, Lattice girder machines, Fully automated lines with variable outputs.
Precast Consultants - Precast Concrete Plant Managementprecast ConsultingPrecast consulting in precast plants, field applications, hollow core, wall panels and any other challenge.

UltraSpan is a trusted partner of

equipment for precast concrete plants.

With over 50 years of experience, UltraSpan has been assisting precast concrete plants by providing them with quality and reliable precast equipment including precast concrete machinery. With our help, precast concrete plants have been able to improve their operations significantly and experience far less downtime while greatly reducing maintenance and repair costs. This is thanks to the durability of all of our equipment, with fewer components and less complexity in our product design.

The UltraSpan Standard

At UltraSpan, we’ve made it our mission to hold all of our products up to the highest standards of quality, safety, and accessibility. By supplying our customers with the very latest in precast equipment and precast concrete machinery, we have helped to increase their
  • Productivity
  • Profits
  • Safety
  • Reputations
Our precast concrete equipment is designed to help make projects of all kinds move along faster and with significantly less hassle.

Our Promise

UltraSpan is constantly looking for ways to increase productivity and innovate; this is why we pride ourselves on forming long-term partnerships with our clients. We promise that through consistent communication and consulting, we will be able to not only meet our customers’ needs, but also build a foundation for future developments.
We are here to help you with all of your precast questionsULTRASPAN is a worldwide leader in highly efficient solutions for precast buildings. For over 50 years our engineers have supported producers of hollow core slabs, solid wall panels, insulated wall panels, mesh welding plants, lattice girder, columns and beams and other customized products.

Worldwide Precast Solutions and Field Projects

Precast Concrete Products
AVA Theater DistrictBoston
Precast Solid Slabs
Public School 62New York City
Solid Column Covers
Winnipeg’s CentrepointManitoba
Precast Concrete Panels

Building with precast

Total precast concrete building systems are becoming a popular choice for many construction projects. Architectural precast, structural precast and prestressed components, weather is hollow core, solid wall panels or insulated sandwich panels, all can be combined to create the entire building.

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