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Floor Solutions

Extrudes concrete at a rate of up to 2.3 meters (90 inches) per minute, drive is easily adjustable to suit your concrete mixing and delivery systems speed and capacity.

Wall Panel

Ultraspan | Progress Group designs, engineers and installs complete production plants including wall panel plants for the manufacture of the most varied precast concrete panels.

Forms & Molds

Shutters with self-reacting moulds as well as shutters with foundation anchorage for the production of heavy-duty prestressed ceiling slabs (1,200 kg/m2 and up to 35 meters in length).


The newest generation of stirrup benders is equipped with many technical features that enable not only two dimensional bending but also the production of 3D stirrups.

precast Consulting

Ultraspan invented vibration technology more than 50 years ago, and since then we have refined it by consulting with more than 500 plants worldwide.

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Worldwide Case Studies and projects

AVA Theater District


Public School 62

New York City

Winnipeg’s Centrepoint




Building with precast

Total precast concrete building systems are becoming a popular choice for many construction projects. Architectural precast, structural precast and prestressed components can be combined to create the entire building.

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