Concrete tilting tables are valuable forms in a typical precast production plant, and are great for producing sleek reinforced wall panels with a great finish.Concrete tilting tables include flat steel surfaces on which freshly poured concrete can be spread evenly. This flat surface allows for an especially smooth and straight finish. High-frequency vibrators are then used to compact the concrete in a manner that makes it tough and firm. But why are these machines called “tilting” tables?


UltraSpan tilting tables can be tilted by up to 75°. This incline allows for the removal of the completed and optimized reinforced wall panel in an easy and efficient manner. By being able to reach a proper incline level, the completed elements can be removed faster, and therefore more work can be done in a day. Concrete tilting tables from UltraSpan are an essential tool in the production of wall panels with less reinforcement.


UltraSpan’s concrete tilting tables are designed for ease of use, and are simplistic in their structure and operating procedures. Much like many of the other precast production machines available from UltraSpan, concrete tilting tables are sure to increase production and work efficiency.
Tilting tables allow the production of reinforced wall panels. The flat surface of the steel plate produces a high quality concrete finish.Integrated high-frequency vibrators facilitate optimal compaction of the freshly poured concrete. The tilting tables can be equipped with a heating system to accelerate the concrete curing.The tilting table can be inclined by up to 75° to allow the removal of the elements in an optimum manner. The tilting of the table can be done using an overhead crane or an integrated hydraulic system which results in time savings and higher efficiency.

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