• SMA-400 360° Multi-Angle

    Accuracy and versatility with the SMA 400.

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Capable of handling 100% of hollowcore cuts directly on the casting pallet. This saw ensures accuracy cut after cut. With cross cuts in 65 seconds and rip, you can realize production efficiencies never previously achievable. The SMA-400 360° Multi-Angle Saw comes with the industry leading versatility and overall efficiency; engineered to maximize asset utilization.
Length 495cm (195
Width 218.5cm (86″)
Height 233.5cm (92″)
Weight 4540kg (9990 lb)
Saw Blade 80-100cm (36-40″)
Note: Minimum recommended spacing between beds is 60cm (24″). *Weight is extra with cable/hose reel.

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We have refined the precast technology by consulting with over 500 plants worldwide while staying current and involved through our volunteer board-level commitment to industry associations.

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