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    Maintaining casting beds is easy with the PSV-300

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Proper maintenance and cleaning of your casting beds is imperative to produce high quality slabs, and the PSV-300 is just the hollow core production service vehicle to do it. The PSV-300 is an extremely useful hollow core production service vehicle that is used in precast production plants to clean and maintain casting beds. The proper maintenance of casting beds is absolutely crucial to proper functionality and producing final products free of damage and flaws.
Features & Benefits
  • Four wheel drive
  • Removes dust and debris from the casting beds surface (including the rails) by means of a rotating steel brush.
  • Sprinkles water to assist in the cleaning process as well as keeping dust levels to a minimum.
  • Squeegees residual water by means of a rear-mounted rubber wiper.
  • Applies release agent (form oil) to the casting bed surface.
  • Pulls multiple stressing strands in a single pass with rear mounted strand hooks. (up to seven strands for the full length of the casting bed).
  • Travel speed of 35 m/min (120 ft/min)
  • Increases production and efficiency as the time between cutting /stripping the product and producing new product is significantly reduced (by as much as 50%).
  • Reduces pallet conditioning and strand pulling to a one man operation.
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Ensures smooth casting surface for best slab bottom finish.
  • Increases the life span of the casting beds.
  • Designed with safety in mind: easy access to controls from driver’s seat, operator protected by overhead cage, excellent visibility.
Length 305 cm (120 inches)
Width 179 cm (70 inches)
Height (with tank) 250 cm (87 inches)
Height (without tank) 208 cm (82 inches)
Weight 1,361 kg (3,000 lb)
Water tank capacity 52 L (20 gal)
Diesel Gas
Propane Electric

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The PSV-300 makes use of four-wheel drive and a low maintenance requirement to do the following:
  • Remove dust and debris from the surface of casting beds using a rotating steel brush.
  • Sprinkles water to assist in the cleaning process and keep dust levels to the minimum.
  • Applies release agent (form oil) to the surface of the casting bed.
  • Reduces pallet conditioning and strand pulling into a one-man operation.


The PSV-300 is a great way to ensure your casting pallets last longer. After cleaning, your casting beds will be left with a smoother finish. Overtime, this is going to ensure longer life for your casting beds, allowing your precast production plant to save the hassle and money involved in replacing them in the future.