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Concrete plotters are an essential aid in high quality wall panel production, as they allow for clear and precise tolerances, resulting in superior product quality.

Concrete plotters are used to mark contours on concrete pallets in order to make work flow at an ideal pace. Once a pallet has been properly and accurately plotted, there will be no need to make corrections or start over. Wall panel production will be smooth and constant when you choose to use a concrete plotter from Ultra Span. Reworks are virtually eliminated.

The plotter marks out the product contours generated from CAD data on the pallet surface full size using water-soluble paint. A robot system can also be used to increase the level of automation.

  • Programmed precision plotting of all element geometry on the casting surface in x and y axes
  • Portal configuration travels on longitudinal rails and can be shared between casting lines
  • Uses a compressed air actuated flow-jet to deposit environmentally friendly coloured emulsion
  • High accuracy laser guiding system with reflectors
  • Control cabinet with user-friendly interface monitor for visualization of coordinates during plotting
  • Fast, easy data input via PXML format on USB-stick or Wi-Fi signal
  • Collaborative Approach

    We get to know your business as well as our own

    We work with you to maximize your capital budget – and we continue this relationship long after the sale is made. Our engineering team works with you long-term to ensure you get the support you need to achieve your business goals.

    Team and Expertise

    We know precast. We invented vibration technology over 50 years ago

    We have refined the precast technology by consulting with over 500 plants worldwide while staying current and involved through our volunteer board-level commitment to industry associations.

    Simple is better

    Our equipment is designed with simplicity in mind

    Fewer components and less complexity means you have less down-time, less frequent maintenance issues, and fewer hassles.

    Performance & Results

    Our equipment provides guaranteed ROI

    We work with you long-term to ensure you achieve your performance goals. We establish your goals when we begin working together to ensure we know and can fulfill your objectives.


    UltraSpan concrete plotters are designed with simplicity in mind, meaning they are easy to use and will produce great results with minimal effort. This idea of simplicity in the equipment and machinery of any precast production plant is key in ensuring the success of that plant.


    Automation can be increased by way of using a robot system to control the concrete plotter. This makes using the plotter even easier seeing as it is unmanned, allowing you to make even more use of your labor force. You can trust the advanced technology of UltraSpan plotters to deliver results quickly and accurately.