Wilson Santiago

Product Specialist

I have always been an Engineer at heart. I am fixated on how the world around me works, at a young age I could be found making slingshots, tinkering with bicycles or building cars. I dream of having the resources to have my own glass-surrounded Research and Development floor to let my imagination run wild, as Tony Stark does in the Iron Man movies. Engineering is a life-long passion; it allows me to utilize the elements from the world around me to develop my own creations. There is nothing more rewarding then watching a tiny, little speck of an idea come to life and evolve into something that actually works the way you intended it to.

My role as a Product Specialist is very gratifying. It allows me to take an already great product and make it better and more efficient. Whether it is optimizing product functionality or developing methods to streamline the manufacturing process, I thrive in every aspect. My diverse Science and Engineering background paired with years of Design and Manufacturing experience will help to elevate UltraSpan’s current product line and will facilitate new innovations and developments.