Alfredo Santa

Business Development Manager

I am passionate about working with international businesses and to have the opportunity to collaborate with, provide solutions to and learn from our customers. I have over 10 years of experience working with businesses in Latin America, this combined with my technical background in Mechanical Engineering, allows me to understand the business requirements of our customers.

My main focus is to support precast producers in Latin America. I plan on doing this by sharing my knowledge and experiences with producers to determine the best solutions for their businesses. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a project come to life from the initial project plan to the fulfillment of expectations set by each business, leading to the full implementation and success of each project.

I am privileged to pursue my passions with a market leading company in the precast industry, such as UltraSpan. I am excited that we at UltraSpan along with our precast industry partners contribute to the construction of buildings and infrastructure. Thus ultimately improving the well being of people in cities worldwide!