Efficiency, Labor, Automation:

How to Analyze Your Precast Production

About this PCI Webinar:
The webinar explores the methodology surrounding decisions related to precast automation, specifically, when and where to automate. A multidisciplinary precast automation performance team from UltraSpan leads this PCI webinar to share insights of over 60 years of experience in precast combined with more than 500 plant visits worldwide. This content is going to be immediately relevant to your specific operation, and you will be walking out with a full and detailed step by step action plan, including,

  • Process Analysis – Methodology for identifying value leaks in a precast operation
  • Automation Implementation – How to determine if and when automation is right for your operation or process
  • Cost Analysis – How to uncover hidden costs associated with precast processes and estimate financial results related to automation

Who is it for?
The webinar is tailored for C-Level Managers, Plant Managers, Decision-Makers, and anyone involved in the long term strategy of a precast business.