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The UltraSpan concrete finishing machine is key for a smooth and polished finish for every precast wall panel your precast production plant creates.
  • The finishing or smoothing equipment, also called helicopter due to its similar shape, allows the rough and smooth finishing of precast wall panels.
  • The smoothing machine works in a gantry type structure that moves over the entire area of the casting pallet. Adjustable height and suspension systems ensure that the proper pressure is applied while finishing the concrete wall panel.
  • The unit is controlled remotely for a safe and convenient operation. It features an electric power motor for improved air quality in the plant. Interlocking mechanisms are integrated for safe operations.
  • Several types of finishing capabilities available: trowel, leveling, rake and broom finishes, upon request
  • Add-on to clean the pallet surface and for wire mesh transfer along the length of the bed (optional)
  • The trowel head smoothes the surface of the fresh concrete after initial set has taken place
  • Flexible design to suit various plant designs
  • Can be transferred from line to line for higher asset utilization (applicable to portal configuration)
  • Easy to operate via remote control and joystick
  • Rotating side brushes can clean fixed side shutters (optional)
  • Wire mesh holder to facilitate transfer along the length of the bed (optional)
  • Power: Equipped to connect to conductor bar (supplied by customer). Cable reel (optional)
  • Improves workplace safety, working conditions and productivity

Smoothing Equipments

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UltraSpan’s concrete finishing machines are ideal in producing precast wall panels that are smooth and well finished. Wall panels need to be elegant and smoothened in order to be used in final precast building projects.


UltraSpan’s concrete smoother machines are built with the latest in precast production equipment technology including:
  • Adjustable height and suspension systems
  • Electric power motor for improved performance
  • Integrated interlocking mechanisms