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Performance Driven by Quality UltraSpan’s hollowcore extruders create a high-quality, dense slab with an exceptionally dry concrete mix. As a result, you get a hollowcore slab that cures quickly within six hours and requires less cement, which means more profit and greater productivity. EXT-400 Extruder – Optimizing Performance:
  • Zero slump concrete with optimum water/cement ratio reduces curing time to as little as six hours with controlled curing methods.
  • Increased profits due to highly-efficient, trouble-free production, reduced maintenance costs and decreased concrete consumption.
  • High-quality slabs are dimensionally accurate, with a superior finish, optimum density and excellent bond to strand.
  • Low noise extrusion (less than 85 dB) with UltraSpan’s Whisper Technology.
  • Extrudes concrete at a rate of up to maximum 2.3 meters (90 inches) per minute; adaptable to suit your concrete mixing and delivery system’s speed and capacity.
  • Longer spans with higher capacity require fewer steel strands which reduce manufacturing costs even more.
  • Long-term technical support with innovative design and engineering expertise.
  • Optional accessories allow for project diversification.
Hollowcore Extruders - EXT-400Si Concrete Extruder
EXT-400Si Extruder - Augers


Designed for long life and optimum compaction of the hollowcore slab, the auger is the key to UltraSpan’s extrusion technology.
Hollowcore Slab - Bottom Vibrators

Bottom Vibrators

High frequency vibrators attached to the bearing housing ensure optimal compaction in the cross section of the hollowcore slab.
EXT-400Si Extruder - Vibration Plate

Vibration Plate

The plate vibrates above the augers at a high frequency, which aids in compaction. The vibration plate benefits producers by allowing the reduction of water in the mix and reducing the curing time.
EXT-400Si Extruder - Motors and Chain Drive

Motors and Chain Drive

Two motors – 10 or 15 HP – drive the extruder. High torque transfers to the augers through a heavy duty chain drive, which results in minimum maintenance.
EXT-400Si Extruder Benefits

Patented vibration system

Produces a high-quality slab with an optimal water/cement ratio. Using up to 25 percent less cement than competing technologies means more financial returns on your investment.
Hollowcore Extruder Benefits

Smart-Start Technology and Operator Online Optimizer

Integrated smart inverter technology offers extended asset life to your hollow core extruder. The Operator Online Optimizer is a user-friendly assistant for virtually trouble-free, lights-out operation to maximize financial returns.
Precast Machinery Benefits

Modular Design

Performance and versatility meet in the new series of hollow core extruders using one power unit for various hollow core sizes. Cassettes (molds) are used for each size, with fast & easy changeover in only minutes.
Less Cement, Unbeatable Profit UltraSpan’s hollowcore extruder technology uses a concrete mix that produces a high-quality slab with an optimal water/cement ratio. As a result, the hollowcore slab cures in as little as six hours. Using up to 25 percent less cement than competing technologies means more money in your pocket. Durable, efficient and easy to maintain UltraSpan’s machines are designed to be durable, efficient and easy to maintain. Our hollowcore extruders have less downtime and operate at a low cost. Longer Spans UltraSpan’s hollowcore extruder technology utilizes a section profile with optimal strength and weight properties, allowing for longer spans. By using longer spans architects can design buildings with up to 20% cost savings over other technologies.
The Value Of Fewer Moving Parts Low maintenance costs are critical in today’s economy and with UltraSpan’s patented vibration system, the EXT-400Si delivers results with fewer parts in contact with concrete than any other industry extruders. The EXT-400Si has approximately 80 percent fewer moving parts than its competitors’ sheer compaction mechanics. Streamlined for ease of maintenance, the EXT-400Si is completely free of grease lines, which result in lower operating costs. Motion Drives Cost The more moving parts that are in friction with the concrete the more the equipment will break down, and the more costs will rise. Among active producers using UltraSpan’s 400 Series, maintenance costs factor in at a few cents per square foot. Adjustable vibration frequency feature allows for optimal compaction, eliminating losses due to waste associated with strand slippage. The EXT-400Si’s performance is enhanced by quality formulation in a harmonized manner for high-quality, high-performance demands. Longer Asset Life The EXT-400Si is designed to be more compact and lighter. With fewer moving parts, the resulting friction reduction means less wear which ultimately extends the life of the equipment. Coupled with the performance metrics gathered from 400 Series installations, UltraSpan offers service agreements to make the maintenance expenditure highly manageable and predictably low. These savings free up more cash for your operations and eliminates unwanted surprises. We Can Save You $100K to $250K per year We are always interested in talking to producers about optimizing their operations and improving their bottom lines. Click here to receive a free moving parts assessment.

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Length 351 cm (138″)
Width 170 cm (67″)
Height 203 cm (80″)
Weight with cable reel 3,855 kg – 4,762 kg (8,500-10,500 lb)
Hopper Capacity 1.8 m3 (2.2 y3)
Hopper Level Sensor Yes
Variable Speed Drive Yes
10 cm (4″) 15 cm (6″) 20 cm (8″) 25 cm (10″) 30 cm (12″) 40 cm (16″)
Concrete Consumption 10.4 lineal m/m3 (25.1 lineal ft/yd3) 8.6 lineal m/m3 (21.5 lineal ft/yd3) 8.6 lineal m/m3 (21.5 lineal ft/yd3) 7.5 lineal m/m3 (17.8 lineal ft/yd3) 6.2 lineal m/m3 (14.7 lineal ft/yd3) 5.6 lineal m/m3 (13.1 lineal ft/yd3) 4.0 lineal m/m3 (9.8 lineal ft/yd3)
Electrical Consumption 44 Amp Max 55 Amp Max 69 Amp Max 77 Amp Max 85 Amp Max 110 Amp Max

Hollowcore Extruder Machinery

Collaborative Approach

We get to know your business as well as our own We work with you to maximize your capital budget – and we continue this relationship long after the sale is made. Our engineering team works with you long-term to ensure you get the support you need to achieve your business goals.

Team and Expertise

We know precast. We invented vibration technology over 50 years ago We have refined the precast technology by consulting with over 500 plants worldwide while staying current and involved through our volunteer board-level commitment to industry associations.

Simple is better

Our equipment is designed with simplicity in mind Fewer components and less complexity means you have less down-time, less frequent maintenance issues, and fewer hassles.

Performance & Results

Our equipment provides guaranteed ROI We work with you long-term to ensure you achieve your performance goals. We establish your goals when we begin working together to ensure we know and can fulfill your objectives.