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Your hollow core slabs need to be made efficiently, and this means ensuring a proper casting pallet is used each and every time. Hollow core casting pallets are extremely important pieces of equipment for any precast production plant. These pallets are carefully designed in order to make sure finished hollow core slabs come out exactly as they were planned in terms of dimensions and overall quality.
  • Long lasting structure
  • Honeycomb structural frame ensures a rigid dish support
  • The pallet dish is made of thick material, resulting in a stable, longer lasting structure and superior bottom finish
  • Dimensionally accurate to tight tolerances to guarantee product final dimensions and quality
  • Manufactured in standard length sections to fit transport and installation needs
  • Easy installation
Length Customised to project needs. 5,69 m (18 ft) for containers.
Plank Width (Imperial) 48 inches (nominal)
Plank Width (Metric) 120 cm (nominal)
Bed width Variable, to customer specifications
Total height (standard) 18 cm (7 inches)
Weight (standard design) 127 kg/m (85 lb/ft)
Rail to dish height (standard) 2 cm (3/4 inch)
  • Broken dish
  • Flat dish
  • Thicker dish – 1 cm (3/8 inch)

Hollowcore Machinery

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We get to know your business as well as our own We work with you to maximize your capital budget – and we continue this relationship long after the sale is made. Our engineering team works with you long-term to ensure you get the support you need to achieve your business goals.

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We know precast. We invented vibration technology over 50 years ago We have refined the precast technology by consulting with over 500 plants worldwide while staying current and involved through our volunteer board-level commitment to industry associations.

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Our equipment is designed with simplicity in mind Fewer components and less complexity means you have less down-time, less frequent maintenance issues, and fewer hassles.

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Our equipment provides guaranteed ROI We work with you long-term to ensure you achieve your performance goals. We establish your goals when we begin working together to ensure we know and can fulfill your objectives.


Proper casting using hollow core casting pallets is key in the overall success of any precast production plant. Using the adequate casted hollow core slabs is going to help in the following ways:
  • Speed of production is going to increase and stay at a higher level
  • Accurately made hollow core slabs that come out according to plan are going to eliminate the need to re-cast
  • Maintaining a good reputation for your precast plant is going to be easier when you are producing high quality hollow core slabs every time
  • Longer lasting hollow core slabs are going to be the result of high quality casting pallets


Improper hollow core casting pallets are responsible for countless hollow core slabs being unusable each and every year. Make sure your precast production plant does not waste resources, time, and money, and start using top quality casting pallets from UltraSpan that you can count on to get it right the first time, every time.