Features & Benefits
  • Plots lines for any cutting angle
  • Plots rectangular and circular cut-out shapes
  • Plots texts
  • Ink lasts up to 3 years on slab
  • Positioning is by means of wheel decoder and laser, with collision detection
  • Printing head lowers automatically to working position on different slots sizes
  • Plotter can work on any slab height from 15mm to 500mm (6” to 20”)
  • Touch screen interface. Graphic overview of the bed layout lines shown on screen
  • Files loaded via USB port or wirelessly
  • Internal memory capacity – 1.5 GB (expandable)
  • Battery driven. Different charger voltages available
  • 5 hour battery life. 4 hour charging time(from depleted condition)
  • Plotter is not recommended for outdoors operations, but can be used outside under favorable weather conditions (no rain, no freezing temperatures)
  • Remote troubleshooting over the Internet (wifi system provided by customer).
Length1,800mm (72 inches)
Width1,750mm (69 inches)
Height1,600mm (63 inches)
Weight (battery included)800Kg (1,764lbds)
Maximum speed16m/min (52ft/min)
Average production speed2m/min (6.5ft/min) *Depending on the amount of data
Operating voltages48VDC (battery)
Battery Charger230VAC (other input voltages are available)

Collaborative Approach

We get to know your business as well as our own

We work with you to maximize your capital budget – and we continue this relationship long after the sale is made. Our engineering team works with you long-term to ensure you get the support you need to achieve your business goals.

Team and Expertise

We know precast. We invented vibration technology over 50 years ago

We have refined the precast technology by consulting with over 500 plants worldwide while staying current and involved through our volunteer board-level commitment to industry associations.

Simple is better

Our equipment is designed with simplicity in mind

Fewer components and less complexity means you have less down-time, less frequent maintenance issues, and fewer hassles.

Performance & Results

Our equipment provides guaranteed ROI

We work with you long-term to ensure you achieve your performance goals. We establish your goals when we begin working together to ensure we know and can fulfill your objectives.