Kushal Jani

I have established myself as one of the leading ‘precast’ industry professionals, not only in India but also in neighboring markets; including Asia, MiddleEast and in Africa with numerous successful ‘precast’ and ‘hollowcore’ installations. I have a diverse skill set for global and territorial business development using almost a decade of insightful experience in international trade, finance and development of the incisive go-to-market strategy.

Each of my new customer acquisitions and project installations are enriched by a unique process tool called ‘Viability Performance Report (VPR)’. This in turn results in a sustained focus on ‘Customer profitability’ right through various project stages rather than as the post-installation after thought.

All my customers will also vouch for my unique blend of business acumen along with being marvelous with the human side of the business as well.

I am science graduate and have master’s degree in management. Of my varied interests and hobbies, I count triathlons, reading, traveling and hiking as the main ones.

Extruding Excellence !