Jason Fitzwilliam

Business Development Manager

I have a strong and varied background in structural design and precast production management. My experience has been gained from my past as a design consultant and years spent managing a multi-specialized precast facility. These experiences have become my greatest asset, they have allowed me to empathize at the producer level, the challenges faced on a day-to-day basis from the design office to the shop floor.

My passion stems from my instincts for creative problem solving. At an early age I could be found disassembling household items that had stopped working to figure out how they worked. This hobby led to an interest in applied sciences and later to a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering. My hands on nature meant that I was never entirely desk-bound. I feel equally at home working in the production hall as I do in the office.

In my career, I have successfully managed precast production for projects worth over $10 million USD. These projects were consistently completed on time and under budget.

I am a business development manager for Progress Group in North America; specifically for the production of Wall Panel, Structural Element and Reinforcement. I have a vast knowledge of Structural Design, detailing/drafting, project and operations management, lean production assessment and value engineering.

My background and training will aid me in helping to successfully develop your production concepts into reality.