Adam Formuziewich, B.Comm (Hons.)

Business Development Manager (Canada / US West)

What do I do? I leverage my business education and production experience to work with North American precasters to identify opportunities to create efficiencies in their operations and help provide solutions that produce the highest return on their investment.How do I do it? Using a highly collaborative and analytical approach, I partner with producers to analyze production and operational costing on a granular level to find potential performance improvements. Aligning these opportunities with the company’s goals, constraints and market conditions, together we design a solution that produces the largest shareholder value.Why do I do it? I take pride in being part of a well-executed project and being able to watch my customers reap the benefits of the solutions I help provide.By implementing efficiency improvements in precast operations I can improve the profitability of the companies I work with. This enables them to expand their operations, creating more jobs, while reducing the price of their products. The result is a North American marketplace with greater availability and affordability of top quality, sustainable housing, buildings and infrastructure.I am motivated, just like everyone else, to help make this a better world to live in. Implementing efficiencies in the precast industry is simply the best way for me to help out.