UltraSpan mold systems are used in a variety of different precast production plants projects for both commercial and residential buildings.Mold systems are usually used to produce structures such as concrete column molds, concrete girder molds, and concrete beam molds. These are all used in a number of different building projects and are made strong with the use of mold systems from UltraSpan.
From 3D molds to molds for pillars, elevator shafts, beams, various roof trusses, bridge elements and various other applications. As a full-service provider for precast concrete plants, we also offer mold systems for residential buildings, commercial buildings and road construction. Molds are commonly tailor-made to each project requirement.UltraSpan also offers multi-purpose molds, which are molds for the production or different shapes using the majority of the components. This flexible design provides a superior return on investment and higher asset utilization.In addition, molds can be manufactured with several degrees of automation to meet productivity, labor utilization and budget constraints.

Collaborative Approach

We get to know your business as well as our own We work with you to maximize your capital budget – and we continue this relationship long after the sale is made. Our engineering team works with you long-term to ensure you get the support you need to achieve your business goals.

Team and Expertise

We know precast. We invented vibration technology over 50 years ago We have refined the precast technology by consulting with over 500 plants worldwide while staying current and involved through our volunteer board-level commitment to industry associations.

Simple is better

Our equipment is designed with simplicity in mind Fewer components and less complexity means you have less down-time, less frequent maintenance issues, and fewer hassles.

Performance & Results

Our equipment provides guaranteed ROI We work with you long-term to ensure you achieve your performance goals. We establish your goals when we begin working together to ensure we know and can fulfill your objectives.


UltraSpan mold systems are designed to produce a number of different precast elements for commercial and residential buildings as well as road construction. This is made possible with the following features:
  • Multipurpose functions allowing for the production of different shapes
  • Several degrees of automation


UltraSpan mold systems are the perfect choice for any precast project. The use of concrete beam molds, concrete column molds, and concrete girder molds is essential in the building of bridges, commercial and residential buildings, and industrial structures. The flexibility of UltraSpan mold systems holds all sorts of advantages from increased quality of the finished products to positive returns on investment.