How It’s Made – Double Wall Edition

The double wall is a unique precast wall system .with 2 wythes, interconnected by intermediate lattice girders. The wythes are typically only 2.5” thick and are separated by a void space that may or may not be insulated. It is a semi-finished product; and during installation, the void is further reinforced and cast in place to form a monolithic structure which is ideal for total precast applications as well as underground and water-retaining structures. When paired with half-slabs (also known as filigree slabs), a completely monolithic structure can be achieved without the use of complicated connections.

Double walls are non-prestressed but are very light and rigid due to the stiffness of the lattice girders. Compared to other types of precast wall panels of the same thickness, they can be more than 50% lighter owing to the void space. The result translates into easier transportation and lighter crane capacities.

Production of double walls is a specialized process and takes place in an automated carrousel plant.

Each wythe is produced on a separate pallet and brought together during the production of the second wythe. In order to bring the 2 wythes together, the first pallet must be inverted using a special turning machine and inserted into the fresh concrete of the second.

The process can be extremely fun to watch!
The process can be extremely fun to watch!