Insights into the CPCI Architectural Precast Concrete Walls: Best Practice Guide

Did you know that the Canadian Precast Concrete Institute has published a concise guide to serve as a reference to best practices in architectural precast wall construction? This free guide is targeting designers and specifiers and its main objective is to summarize and illustrate the current standards for detailing of architectural precast in the industry. It is an excellent reference for producers as well and can also help to support marketing and sales forces by providing relevant information for façade elements, cladding and complete envelope construction, both structural and non-structural, for occupied spaces across the North American market.

The guide is written in a reader-friendly format containing 10 comprehensive chapters which cover in-depth product definitions and specifications, manufacturing transportation and installation methods, performance criteria, successful detailing practice, tendering and construction and much more.

As precast wall systems have become increasingly popular since the mid 20th century, the information provided is founded upon decades of technical experience, but also exposes the most recent cutting-edge production techniques, product designs and architectural finishes that have evolved in the industry to date. There is special focus on addressing updated insulating practice, anchoring methods, weather and waterproofing as well as heat transfer. Relevant information and details cover single and double wythe wall assemblies including composite and non-composite variants, giving a complete reference for the industry.

Although the Architectural Precast Wall Panel Guide can serve as a stand-alone reference, it is the 4th in the CPCI’s series of technical guides which together offer an essential library for architectural precast wall design.

The other guides are:

Meeting and Exceeding Building Code Thermal Performance Requirements

CPCI Maintenance and Inspection Manual for Precast Concrete Building Enclosures

High Performing Precast Concrete Building Enclosures – Rain Control.

The Architectural Precast Concrete Walls: Best Practice Guide is available from the CPCI website for free.

We highly recommend downloading a copy today and at the very least, reviewing the contents of Chapter 4: Performance Criteria, and Chapter 5: Detailing for Success.