For over 50 years, Ultraspan has been helping pre-cast producers improve their operations. We started by building simpler, smarter equipment with fewer components that used less material. That allowed producers to increase throughput and avoid downtime and costly maintenance hassles.

Over the years, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with precast producers to evolve our solutions. We’re inspired and driven by customers to focus on what matters – equipment designed with simplicity in mind, that increases throughput, reduces downtime, and drives increased profitability. We collaborate with customers over the long-term to ensure they achieve the business results they seek.

  1. Late 1950’s – Innovation

    Spiroll Extrusion Technology invented under the direction of Glen C.Booth, Building Products and Coal Ltd.”

    Source : John R.Fowler – Prestressed Concrete in Canada – 1952 to 2000
  2. 1962 – Spiroll

    Spiroll Corporation Ltd. is founded in Winnipeg, Canada.

  3. 1974 – Spiroll UK

    Spiroll expands into the European market with a production facility in Derby, UK.

  4. 1982 – Spiroll Kipp Kelly

    Kipp Kelly Ltd. buys out Spiroll Corporation Ltd. and name changed to Spiroll Kipp Kelly Ltd.

  5. 1986 – Ultraspan is Born

    Extrusion Technology begins production again in Winnipeg, MB under the brand name Ultraspan Technologies Inc.

  6. 1996 – Whisper

    Ultraspan develops “Whisper” technology that reduces the noise produced by the machine to 85db

  7. Present Day

    Ultraspan’s products are seen on six continents and growing.

At Ultraspan, we take the time to listen and understand your needs. Our aim is to deliver the highest return on investment for precast producers by providing a superior technology through continued innovation, while ensuring our customer’s experience is of the utmost.